2020 Annual Report now available

The Hub team have achieved enormous success in the past year and these are highlighted in the 2020 Annual Report. Achievements include over 60 journal articles published – double the expected amount, a new patent accepted with 2 more under review and 5 at PCT stage, and 3 more PhD completions.

The Hub also welcomed a new CI, A/Prof Deepak Dubal from QUT, who has already made a substantial contribution to the fundamental node projects. A new Hub industry project was also initiated by partner, Sparc Technologies, focusing on recovering precious metals from mine tailings.

Research highlights include great advances in graphene standardisation and characterisation, such as a machine learning method for rapid graphene characterisation and a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) method that contributes to the development of a new ISO standard to characterise graphene. Other highlights include the production of graphene-polymer composites, supercapacitors and low CO2 construction materials.

Our industry partners have also had a successful year with great advances in business grow and product development. Sparc Technologies, formerly Graphene Technology Solutions, listed on the ASX and secured facilities in Adelaide to further develop graphene-based environmental solutions technologies. First Graphene secured more collaborating partners and contributed to the production of graphene-enhanced face masks. Archer Materials continued to develop their graphene biosensor technology, NematiQ further developed their large-scale water filtration technology and Cleanfuture Energy successfully developed highly efficient Li-S batteries using graphene produced from waste sugar cane.

Check out more highlights here: 2020 ARC GRAPHENE HUB Annual report_Final.