Second Annual ARC Graphene Research Hub Workshop, 12-13 March 2020

With the success of our inaugural 2019 workshop, it is our immense pleasure to announce our Second Annual ARC Graphene Research Hub Workshop to be held at Monash University, Clayton, VIC on 12th-13th March 2020.

This workshop brings together researchers, industry partners and government representatives to highlight the latest scientific advancements in graphene-related research, its intersection with industrial and process development, and how it could provide the cutting-edge solutions for the current global issues.

With a vision to be a world leader in translation and commercialisation of graphene research and drive growth across broad industries, the ARC Graphene Research Hub has entered into its 3rd year with huge success. The ARC Graphene Research Hub has not only created a research impact in the scientific community through high-quality journal publications and patents but also generating spin-off technological companies. The ARC Graphene Research Hub will continue this win-win in the Graphene World in the years to come.

The technical session and workshop dinner will be held on March 12th and the program for March 13th will include facility tours and networking. The workshop will be hosted by Monash University and thrives on strong attendance by participants from 5 renowned research universities and the 5 paramount technology companies across the country.

Participants of this marvelous event will enjoy a vast array of value-packed benefits and experiences, networking and knowledge that will help to grow their future career and professional development.