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Delivering Graphene Revolution

The Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation Hub was co-funded (total $6.5M) by the Australian Research Council as a partnership between universities and industry partners to enable the development of a sustainable graphene-based industry in Australia.

Graphene is one member of new 2-dimensional (2D) materials having many exceptional properties recognised as the Materials of 21 th century. To translation of research on developing these materials and their applications from Academia to industry sectors there are several challenges to be addressed.

  • to develop scalable, low-cost and sustainable graphene manufacturing process and graphene supply chain,
  • to develop and implement graphene quality control and international standards,
  • to provide enough scientific evidence that graphene based materials in all forms are safe and no hazardous safety for humans, animals, plants and will not cause harms for our environment.

The Hub aims to address these challenges by bringing together a team of researchers and industry partners to work on development new graphene products, technologies that are needed across broad industry sectors such as mining, oil, gas and energy, biomedical, advanced manufacturing, transport, construction, environmental, defence and space industries.

Find out more about our research in our latest Annual Report.

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Meeting the minister
Meeting the minister