Professor Dusan Losic (University of Adelaide)
The Hub program leaders responsible for Hub research leadership, management and strategic direction.

Deputy Directors

Professor Mainak Majumder (Monash University)
Professor Stan Skafidis(University of Melbourne) Contribute to Hub research leadership and strategic directions and can act for the Director.


Dr Jacqui McRae (University of Adelaide)
Supports the Director and Deputy Directors in the operational delivery of the research management, industry collaborations andexternal engagements

Management Committee

The Management Committee oversee the management and operational activities, policies and performance indicators. The committee consists of the Hub Directors, Hub Manager and appointed project team leaders representing early-and mid-career researchers and senior staff.

Industry Advisory Committee (IAC)

The IAC guides the Hub research and development program to optimise industry impact. The IAC consist of the Hub Director, representatives from each partner organisation and invited experts.