Patents and IP


The University of Adelaide IP portfolio (Prof Dusan Losic)

Prof Losic team from Hub program generated 9 patents (3 granted, 3 PCT stage, 2 provisional), which 6 are licensed to Industry partners. His team developed + 10 graphene based products, devices and technologies with technical reediness (TRL 5-9) and many under development with TRL 3-6. The team working on many new developments and have a strong background IP and know-how in area of graphene production, graphene functionalizations, conductive inks, protective coating, environmental remediation, sensors and energy storage.

The patent list:

1.US 10,864,498, Composite graphene based materials, D. Losic, D. Tran, S. Kabiri (licensed).

This patent describes new composite graphene composite material for environmental remediation

2.US 11,174,433 B2,  Graphene fire retardant, D.Losic MD J Nine, D. Tran(licensed)

This patent describes new graphene based fire-retardants and formulations for protective coating

3.US 11,040,918 B2, Graphene based fertilisers, D. Losic M. McLaughlin, D. Tran, S. Kabiri  (licensed).

This patent describes new graphene based fertilizer and graphene coating of commercial fertilizers for slow release of nutrients

4.US 20210355385, EP3510089A, Multipurpose graphene composite, D.Losic MD J Nine, D. Tran (licensed).

This patent describes new graphene based formulation for  protective coating

5.US2020071480,  EP3589686A1,  Graphene sound absorbers, D.Losic, MD J Nine et al (licensed).

This patent describes new graphene based sound absorbers

6.AU2020/050294, WO2020198784, Hybrid supercapacitors, D. Losic, D. Dubal, M. Abdelsadik (licensed).

This patent describes design and fabrication of new hybrid supercapacitor

7.AU 2021902612 Radiation shielding using layered 2d materials, D.Losic, A.Santos, L. Ye, DT Tran, TT Tran,  MD J Nine.

This patent describes radiation shielding by layered 2D materials

8.Au 2022, Graphene coating of metal conducting and semiconducting surfaces, D. Losic,  K. Hassan, T.Tung,  M. M. Abdelsadik (licensed)

9. Au 2022, Method for structuring of metal surfaces, D. Losic,  K. Hassan, T.Tung (licensed)