Cross-continental knowledge-sharing in graphene research

The 2nd European Union-Australia graphene workshop, featured as part of Graphene Week 2019 in Helsinki, has been hailed a success by delegates. The workshop, organised by ARC Graphene Research Hub director, Dusan Losic, and Ken Teo of Aixtron, was held on September 23-24th 2019.

The workshop aims to promote knowledge-sharing and foster collaborations from research groups in both continents to enable rapid development and new insights into graphene production, standardisation and industry application.

This year’s workshop included 16 presentations with each discussion topic complemented by both EU and Australian perspectives. Industry representatives also joined academic experts for insights into how best to translate research into application. The workshop was well-attended with around 40 delegates and generated active discussions.

We look forward to continuing these discussions and enabling further collaborations at the next EU-Australia workshop in Australia next year!